Focusing in the marketing and sales of food products and commodities around the globe.

About us

ADEX Trading Partners is a group of privately owned companies, focusing on the marketing and sales of food commodities around the Globe. ADEX Trading Partners LLC, established 2013 in San Francisco, California is US company, specializing in the business of international trade of meat and food commodities and digital solutions developer and provider in the food industry. ADEX Trading Partners Europe BV, established 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is the European arm of the group, responsible for all trade activities of the group in the European Union.


More than 30 years in the food industry and trade, dealing with fresh and frozen red meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, and pet food gained us strong partnerships on international level. Long-term relationships with producers around the world and personal acquaintance with verified suppliers allows us to make best offers for your needs.


Our team includes professionals dedicated providing the best source, service, and optimal cost to our international customers. Reliable network of partners and agents in key supply and demand areas, provides us with local knowledge and presence.


Based on our experience in operating a lean, distributed sales and sourcing business model, we aim in providing a trusted, transparent, and secure marketplace for all participants in the trade chain - producers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. We constantly invest in technology, optimizing deal steps, document flow and KYC/AML monitoring. Our goal is to cover the full service of a deal - research and market information, procurement, marketing and sales, logistics, financing, and insurance, as well as quality assurance and survey.